Saturday, 31 October 2009



3 years ago I came across this band

The Good Fear

they have this amazing song

The Way You Were


Its finally released on itunes


All mine

Oct 09

Did i

Little lion man

mumford & sons

i wonder what i'll be listening to next year

circa 2007

'i heard you singing to daft punk last night'

human after all//Musique Vol.1 1993-2005

daft punk days


Fuck fuck fuck

Fuck fuck fuck

Fuck fuck fuck

Fuck fuck fuck

thats right i am putting off what i should be doing

it is 5am and its about to get suckier

do it

pen to paper


fine liner


just do it

Friday, 30 October 2009


Ottos Journey


Muscle Cars

Valley Of The Dolls



Oh yeh

A fat lady stuck her two fingers at me today

I'll let her have this one

because she was fat


I deleted the recent ex's playlist from my itunes

there was quite a collection

its crazy how it becomes so familiar and to realise that it doesn't belong there anymore

I think this is why I hate relationships because you build them up with time and then you spend the time to take them down and clean up, then by surprise it's the smallest places that I forget that He's still there, a small conscience of me still holding on to what we had. Then the true reality is that this is bollocks it wasn't that great

shit happens

love ii

and my Mylo CD is not scratched!

after a risky-not-looked after Mylo CD I've had for 3 years, present of an ex

I haven't touched the CD

just too many unnecessary memories I'd rather not spare

but for the songs i missed

brilliant, I have my music back

and new memories to attach


Fuck my life

I have just cleaned my files on my mac and I cannot believe what a difference it has made!

I thought it was the internet speed that was slowing my computer down and thinking that this laptop is getting old and overly jealous of new flashier models being released

I love my laptop all over again and will start to look after it more

after, ehm.. i have dropped it on the floor 3 times, which I am not too happy about that at all

oh its good to have my new old laptop back again

Friday, 23 October 2009

Paris is mine

January 2010

3 months sleep away.

Either nor neither

30 things to do before you die

things to do before your 30?

they are both the same race no?

beneficial consequence?

neither nor either



love you better

i will

bright stuff


I love stretching

its the my favorite past time activity

Its semi orgasmic no?

The unawareness of deranged-ness


I need a haircut.

I may dye it which will be the new haircut.


Friday, 9 October 2009


Have you ever tried burping but interrupted by sneezing???



Much needed Smiths

On a loop


I own a band T-shirt printed on american apparel

I parted my money for the band Tee

Deflated it is printed on american apparel

I have died.


if i could've had it my way I would have never come home.

I hate the choices i have made, why am i here? its the hugest mistake I have ever made

I am literally trapped, and all i keep thinking of is how my life was so much better when i was independent

It pisses me off when i am constantly underestimated when i am far more capable of doing things.

I hate tradition.

When I leave I will cut ties and be gone.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

I hate people

I hate people, small, tall, round, black, white, green, yellow, blue.

Most of all

the retarded

the dumbfounded

the recluse

and repulsively stupid.

They baffle me and beyond.

Sometimes I have to respond to Are you actually shitting me.

Unbelievable extremes.