Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Wackness

I really love the film The Wackness

i watched it twice

this song reminds me of the film

jurassic 5 // a day at the races

i thought the film was made in the 90's

weird as it was made in 2008

couldn't stop laughing when he said 'word' after sex




how do i say this without screaming every word




jil sander's





i wanit

i wanit

i wanit

whats even more frustrating

is that freaking uniqlo have their secret sample sale

so what's the point in ever spending all my money on full priced items

and the fact that uniqlo is like my staple items?


Thursday, 9 December 2010

No way

No way

i love people uploading their playlists

because they share my forgotten memories

Ghost Town // Summer Camp

i can't believe this

my 2007 lost years



Wednesday, 8 December 2010


LOL Take ii

not my words

Don't put your rotting donor pizza in the composter. From The Vegan

Where else is it suppose to go? Soyfucker

true to an extent

too funny

one of them is anal

Saturday, 4 December 2010


i sound like a walking bubble wrap

big time

my bones keep cracking

like my ribcage + back bone

i hate the noise

its disgusting


Thursday, 2 December 2010

hot hot for nippo times

holy shizzow

mega tunesome

passion pit // little secrets ( LAZRTag RMX Dud version )


lil john styles

passion pit can do no wrong

and when theres a rmx version its guud

and when theres a Dub version its mighty guud

ibiza rocks style

save this for a summer time playlist

wassup ii

whaddya know

luck prevails

mega revelation

WUT // Girl unit


sitting nicely in my itunes

dubstep times

warm your cockles

kisses // kisses

i love this band

i love it very much

i love every lyric every word

i love that jazz piano rift

i love it that he says ooh da dah da dah

i love how it makes me jiggy dance

i love that it tells me to:

keep your heart strong
and Love, Love
and give kisses when you can

but most of all

i love it when he says



what can i listen to warm myself up with


i need some music to distract how bitterly cold i am

i stupidly opened my window in the morning to 'air' out my room

(as my parents are firm believers that this lets out all the bad zen out)


ooh just had an ephiphany

for hot milk