Tuesday, 24 August 2010

you big tree

mega cheesy pick-me-up tune fest

robyn // hang with me

tall men turn me on

something about the altitude-ness

maybe because of the gentle giant thing

makes it seem all humble

after assessing the ones i dated that were perhaps mid-height

such as level to their shoulders

the all were disasters

when i think tall

i think tower block sky high tall


Monday, 23 August 2010

wish list

my weird crush i

Valentine Warner


foodie hotty

my weird crush ii

Diarmuid Gavin


nature lover

Friday, 20 August 2010

hot hot




if sex came in music

it would sound like The xx

hands down


i have a drippy nose

not sexy

Saturday, 14 August 2010

hands up

ok i'm feeling the jealousy

how come all of a sudden everyone is rocking a macbook pro new version



the mat crome


the black keypads

better in everyway macbook pro

trying to hammer in that its all good in the hood because i have the classic macbook pro yeh and that i love it so much better

yeh yeh yeh

gimme the new version

i'm so green eyed jealous all over it

Sunday, 8 August 2010


i woke up super early today


i made an ambitious smoothie in the morning that i wasn't sure if it would taste good

protein powder

it was a bit hard to stomach, should have left the apple out

uh oh

oh no

i'm already getting sleepy

starting to flag already mid day

really need to resist napping

c'mon smoothie power make me stay awake

shit! really want to roll into my bed this very momento

Friday, 6 August 2010


got the iMac in my house

new edition of a gadget in the household that i won't particularly be spending time with

as this is father's latest expensive splurge on techno gadgets

(we have about 5 dvd players in my house from back in the day when dvd was all the rage and 2 portable dvd players. Excessive non? Which are all on stand-by now with the red light glare blinking in the darkness every time i venture downstairs for a midnight snack. humm global warming much..)

so here's the catch

iMac is a bloody powerful gadget yeh yeh top quality this that

greedy me

self involved, all i care about is that the iMac consumes the whole households internet speed so now my internet is running like it's the 1990's circa AOL



i'm into yoga

i'm into smoothies

i'm into rye bread

i'm into extra virgin olive oil

i'm into protein shakes

by the way

i'm still fat


i'm still ill


i'm still freaking single without a boy

boo my life

but oh yeah

i'm having sleepless nights

i'm having restless moments


i'm having idle ways where time takes me to discover a certain fuck buddies home address

how the frick i managed that i have no idea but that's my idle hands will make of me

oh my life get interesting any moment now (please)