Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I have never bought anything from american apparel.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

London is yours

Fashion Show over and done in a flash.

Model dressing was fun to.

They are amazing creatures when you see them up close, tall, gangly, poised and perfect.

In the last 2 days I have only had 30mins sleep

so exhausted but the adrenaline was worth it.

Saturday, 12 September 2009


man entered the studio yesterday with a big silver case box.

We were all guessing his occupation, make-up artist? stylist?

I guessed he was the DJ man.

The music man was sampling some songs to go for the catwalk.

Note. He played Wave Machines I Go I Go I Go.

"Zis tune iz kinda funky ja? Really funky huh?"

en français homme

I like the song I saw this band play in a pub in Salford 07/08 methinks,

but how much does this song remind me of the 8Os band The Belle Stars Iko Iko

Nevertheless the music is not fitting to the collection.

Note ii. He played the Mystery Jets as a suggestion for the catwalk music..


hej hur mår du?

Swedish language learning in process

puss puss!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

tiger prawn lily

the weather ist very gut today.

i likey.

Came home before and and there was a cat strolling around in my living room.

We don't own a cat.

this stow away cat keeps lurking outside our house and inevitably today the cat made a break through and made it into the house without anyone realizing.

Anyway the cat looked like a big walking king prawn, stripy and grey.

Self voluntarily cat-napped?


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

comme est ta?


what do you mean you die?

happy die die??


muey bien

Spanish learning in progress!

Saturday, 5 September 2009


I'm so drained and exhausted and tired

really should get my head down

sleep time

peace out.

-not before a bit of light german reading and drift off.


Ben & Jerrys fish food in the freezer.


Also new to do list:

learn new languages

re-learn german

I'm really out of my depth in this list, but do able.

maybe possibly.


'who do I work for, no its ok I'm friends with Kate Moss'

'I know Kate Moss'

'I'm friends with Kate Moss'

'I photographed Kate Moss'

Yuh. Oah-kay. I don't doubt you, but do you?

Thursday, 3 September 2009


London people bother me.

It shouldn't but it does, but not excessively I think.

It annoys me that their not as great as you think they are when you get up close, they are depressive, angry, full of angst kind of mob.

They bring and think the worst out of people.

About to get off the tube as the train was reaching the platform, this oldish man standing in front of me was preparing himself to grab the free newspaper on the seat, indecisive about whether or not he could grab the newspaper in time before the doors fling open.

I grabbed the newspaper.

He huffed in disgust at what I did like a mini explosion and you could tell he was in a fury annoyed kind of state.

Fucking hell mate.

I was passing you the newspaper, not to take for myself. When he realized, his fucking ego shrank and showed a realization of a grateful nod.

Yeh, you dick head.

Victory or not people like this getting on their high horse is ridiculous.

Fuck wit

I like that word.

So much work and so little time

work work work

and then elsewhere its

work work work.

I really want a stiff drink. Gin or something pleasing to the palette, sailor jerrys? or a line.

life would be all the better and too easy right.

Okay The Smiths shall occupy me.

Did I or Did I not?

The moment when i realised I had finished the last of the Ben & Jerrys when rejoicing for a dessert to indulge in after tea is fucking rubbish.

Settle for a healthy apple, good for the body thinking.

Also watched Devil Wears Prada lastnight.

Abit taken aback at how charming the Nate character is.
Could do with someone like that to hear me whinge. Ha! yeah he'll be the luckiest guy!

No, this blog can take my wrath.

Rubbish chaos

This month is very much walking on a tight rope because the insane deadlines we are coming to.

Cannot wait to get over this hurdle and onto the next.

My health has plummeted which grates on me, I hate not being to my fullest of self.

Really anticipating London Fashion Week now, although the time in between is a bloody nightmare, trying to prepare the garments and organizing and still making decisions when really we should be tweaking things. Not good. There are going to be major late nights and a hot headed designer to please.


Do people not offer seats to pregnant women no more.

The idea of brushing your teeth properly Mr high flying business suit man. Honestly morning breath means you have plaque.

Woman nonchalantly eating sushi on the tube with chopsticks, bit of pickled ginger here, soya sauce there maybe mix the wasabi with the soya sauce. Seriously are you not aware of how filthy the London air is on the underground? Why our nostrils are filled with black dust and crap? Brave lady.

Lady applying full make-up, scratch to finish for the entire hour and a half duration of the train journey. Before hand she was applying nail varnish. Man already sat next to her irate and signaling hatred for the women across to me. She was a Polish lady. Just saying.

+ Lady on the tube applying make-up. Eye brow pencil and Lip liner. Its hot humid weather, the line she has colored in, blur and merge into her prune face and business frown wrinkles. Look out for that ginger colored caterpillar eyebrowed lady. Perks up a miserable tube ride.

People of a dumbass and a retarded nature.

Smelly Indian man who insists on intoxicating you and neighbouring people with his stench of BO in the morning. Where have you been for fucks sake, its the beginning of the day how is that possible?

Who eats pickled onion crisps in the morning. God think of the acid erosion damage it is doing to your teeth in the morning. Then to have that sour tinge cling to me throughout the day.


mere observations throughout the weeks.

Just saying.


That fucking bitch.

Haven't updated in a while but at the moment I'm enraged at the people of London. Not all of them but the majority of them.

PR girls.

You are shit at your job.

There are reasons why mistakes and cow were invented because of you.

The reason why the fashion world does not run smoothly because of you.