Sunday, 28 November 2010


so so so

since 5am this morning

i have managed to yet again dabble in some online shopping

what the fffffff

but it's not all lose lose

I have actually been fannying around with some fashion illustrations for paid work

chasing a ridiculous deadline

I would have given the massive

Piss off

but seeing as I am very inclined to this new online spending habit

I really do need to

hush the fuck up

and think of the moneh




albeit its already spent


Saturday, 27 November 2010

note to self

reference to remember by

Chestnut brownies recipe


Hazelnut prune cake


Pear & Hazelnut cake


little reminder of some things to bake

i am a bit bored of baking banana & blueberry cake

getting tasteless

also the fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley winds me up

it's like every review she makes, she dislikes

I'm glad there seems to be a new stylist styling and working on Morley

but then again it's good Morley gets grumpy with every trend

so when a trend comes around that I despise

I couldn't agree more with her comments

avec here:

"Ignore capes. There, I've said it. Because truly, what's the point? They are silly. Just silly. Either you can't use your arms at all or your arms stick out of holes at an awkward angle so you look as if you are doing a Punch & Judy show. Plus, anyone who would be impressed by the fact you're wearing a cape if a bit of a prat. Yes, superheroes wear capes, but usually they wear them for flying. Can you fly? Quite. Take it off. Now."

I love the word prat

more to the point people who wear capes are prats



its so cold

dance to warm up to this:

people do the most amazing things (Dye RMX) // Kisses

the freeze is keeping me indoors

and idle ways lead me to spending my (non existant) money

Le debit card taking a battering on online shopping

-14 pack jumbo printer ink (bargain!)


-shea butter tub

-vitamin E oil

-rose hip oil

-Bio oil

i is going to be a right greasy monkey

but all the well nicely lubed and moisturized to battle this weather

gots to laugh

im down £150

poor times


i still need to fork out £60 for a new power adaptor for my mac

stupidly snagged my cable



debating on buying this eley kishimoto top (on sale, yeh!)


because i am really swimming in money right now



making my friend a necklace for her birthday

for really

it's the thought that counts right


Thursday, 25 November 2010




i never like to say that in full context but

this calls for the occasion

these are not my words

but kinda wish they were..

Ugh, this girl's giant Longchamp keeps invading my personal space on the train. Wouldn't mind if it was Chanel or Prada..

I'm sorry but asking if my Jil Sander shirt is Cos *chokes on tea* just isn't on!

just so funny!

too amusing not to share

but so true right

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Don't wait any longer

it just keeps getting better

i keep stumbling upon absolute tuners

this i promise will send you into a magical trance

70's overhaul for the now

follow this band now


pure gold genius music from this band from LA

just amazing

kisses // kisses

kisses // bermuda

kisses // people can do the most amazing things

kisses // midnight lover

go get some

go go go

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Stop everything

Girl unit // WUT





can't get enough already

Saturday, 13 November 2010

moving on


i am really in to House at the mo




Lee Foss // You Got Me (original rmx)

wiling out

also whats this soundcloud business

when did music get so good it comes free!


get some free music here

chill out beats

don't you think the word Vibe is such an awkward word

kind of like eating a banana in public

its just wrong no?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Boner on

mega tunage

Adrian Lux // teenage crime

Adrian Lux // teenage crime (3hundreds rmx)


am i really late on this?

I can't believe I haven't found this earlier

it gives me the good heebie jeebies

i forget about House sometimes

which i hate to admit

this song is so good



Friday, 5 November 2010



toffee popcorn

mmm does it everytime

i did a sugar shopping spree today

butterkist toffee popcorn

viscount mint biscuits

cadburys fingers

5 pack cadburys' crunchies

i have a scheduled blood test tomorrow

something about glucose levels

somethings wrong with me

last time i had my blood test

my luck i had a trainee nurse

and she stabbed me 5 times because she couldn't find my vein and then had to stab the easiest vein which was on my wrist which just makes me really queasy and then i blacked out

i'm scared for tomorrow

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

its about time

just made a playlist titled

proper moody shit

first track listing goes

headlights // school boys

moody moody alriiight

ehm just trying to scoff this seeded bread and it's obliterated and falling apart between my fingers

how annoying

Fuck you bread

ooh mind

just discovered more brillio songs i have lodged on itunes i forgets about


FUKKK OFFF // love me hate me kiss me kill me

in that order meh

love acid