Monday, 21 June 2010



i really like nuts

almond nuts

brazil nuts

pumpkin seeds

i can chomp through packets

which is kind of lethal on the waistline

especially with peanut butter (kind of a nut form) i eat with a spoon

so thankful i don't have an allergy to nuts

Saturday, 19 June 2010

trying to

i want to start to stop wearing make-up in public

i haven't tried yet

and I'm a bit scared shitless to be frank!

i don't wear much make up anyway

only pencil eyeliner + a tad eye shadow

and then curl my eyelashes as they are black anyway

and i managed to stop wearing mascara 2 years ago after the tedious routine of constantly removing waterproof mascara off every time is a chore and bore

also i wanted to be more careful around the eye area, less wrinkles with all that vigorous wipe action

and also i noticed i was shedding eyelashes every time (wtf)

so to for the sake of it all, no mascara!

anyway more to the keeping it natural

it's the way forward

really want to wean myself off make-up for my huge constant concern that is, coming of age for my 24th birthday

life is such a hard slog

Thursday, 17 June 2010

suck it in

i want to scream

how are people getting so skinny

everywhere i look


and more bones???

what are they eating or not eating

what drugs are they taking

just how the hell

is everyone achieving skinny heaven

why is it that i succumb to one measly sandwich

and the odd dessert

yea i had that cheeky donut at in the early morning when i couldn't get to sleep

i look in the mirror and i see a whale looking back at me

the crevices in my thighs where the cellulite has resided

thank you very much cellulite, hello

and when i eat more meals in the day my face gets fatter?

i'm no fanatic on blah blah eating disorders blah

a real general wonderment as to what the fuck is going on that i seem to be missing

i'm indulging

and people are secretly gym bunnies i see

i'm just getting fatty McFat

this is not ok

booka shade // in white room

evidently the title runs true to how i'm feeling
but this tune is shit hot





seretonin // mystery jets

ha just looked in the mirror and i have a splodge of chocolate chip on my mouth like a little kid that secretly raided the biscuit tin








hello chocolate chip muffin

i especially like the taste of the chips on the top

it has this worldly chocolate tasting uniqueness

(what you don't know is that i just paused here for a good 4 minutes finishing the chocolate chip muffin goodness and then an extra 30 seconds picking up the big crumbs. oh what a sight. i am such a tramp)

there should be a launch of that specific baked chocolate chip flavor that comes in a chocolate bar or so

shouldn't there


that one time i was soooo hungry i went directly to Wholefoods

land of the holy grail of baked goodies

and got me one them muffin monsters

no joke

it was the size of my face/head

and super bonus it was healthy

i think it was made of wholewheat and not the starchy white wheat crap


quality muffin goodness memories

oh yeah

i'm so getting fatty fat fat

Wednesday, 16 June 2010



i think my dad should buy himself an iPad

and give me his iPod

this sounds like a selfless deed


it works in favor for him

he only uses these gadgets for listening to the radio

now really i think i could put that iPod to much better use


Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Fuck Yeh

Listen up

i shit you not absolute tunage to get your boner on

ehm can you tell i've been reading platform much?

this will change your life


Booka Shade // Charlotte

Booka Shade // Regenerate

I found this quite a while back and only sharing it now

but whatevs

fuck time

lets dance

and throw shapes


i keep hearing this everywhere

every little thing she does is magic // the police



i'm really ill


anyway i'm having an identity crisis

this shit bitch is hijacking my look

i feel really terrorized by this

can you imagine the horror of someone trying to fill your shoes and walk in them

taking on my persona too


fecking bitch





Tuesday, 1 June 2010

getting better

i am in the middle of getting better

i got horribly ill

i am really stubborn when it comes to help and going to see the doctor

a little too late and i was rushed to the hospital


listening to a bit of a cliche titled band to lift my mood

the cure // the greatest hits (unplugged)

i prefer the acoustic versions

yummy rift goodness