Friday, 16 March 2012

incognito crushes or whatever

my pathetic crushes on strangers they don't know i know that they have been eyeing me up while i eye them up when they got their backs turned

because i'm a ninja don't you know.

1. The Boy who wear's hipster grandaddy glasses

He's a bit short.
He is always there whenever i look up. Staring at me
He watched me eat an apple. Awkward for me
He tried to speak to me when i was eating yoghurt. Awkward moment for me
He hovers around me
He's cute
He makes me nervous. That fucker
A cute fucker

2. The boy with green eyes

He has green eyes, thats pretty rare for me. I hate eye contact
He is tall
He approached me like a boss. I liked this
He doesn't make me feel nervous
He says my name alot
He's not faithful to his girlfriend
I am not his girlfriend

3. The guy with the Southern accent

He has a southern accent
He has a deep voice
He wears silver jewellery
I lost in interest in him very fast
But he is VERY tall

4. The boy who is an 18 yr old teenager

He is young
He is the dumb brain dead stupid type
He rates new experiences as the best, this has a high turnover
He takes drugs
He walks around with his mouth open
He doesn't breath through his nose
He is tall and still growing
He is one-dimentional
He told me he loves me in a jokey way. okay
I like to talk sex with him
I like asking anal/homo questions/jokes directed at him
I could be his big sister he never had
this is a fucked up list

5. The guy with brains called Rob

He is more intelligent than i am
He wears framed glasses to look cool
He is medium height
He likes to shop at COS
He seems nervous around me
I met him for 1 hour. I fall in love very quick
This is a dead end analysis


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