Thursday, 3 September 2009


London people bother me.

It shouldn't but it does, but not excessively I think.

It annoys me that their not as great as you think they are when you get up close, they are depressive, angry, full of angst kind of mob.

They bring and think the worst out of people.

About to get off the tube as the train was reaching the platform, this oldish man standing in front of me was preparing himself to grab the free newspaper on the seat, indecisive about whether or not he could grab the newspaper in time before the doors fling open.

I grabbed the newspaper.

He huffed in disgust at what I did like a mini explosion and you could tell he was in a fury annoyed kind of state.

Fucking hell mate.

I was passing you the newspaper, not to take for myself. When he realized, his fucking ego shrank and showed a realization of a grateful nod.

Yeh, you dick head.

Victory or not people like this getting on their high horse is ridiculous.

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