Thursday, 3 September 2009


Do people not offer seats to pregnant women no more.

The idea of brushing your teeth properly Mr high flying business suit man. Honestly morning breath means you have plaque.

Woman nonchalantly eating sushi on the tube with chopsticks, bit of pickled ginger here, soya sauce there maybe mix the wasabi with the soya sauce. Seriously are you not aware of how filthy the London air is on the underground? Why our nostrils are filled with black dust and crap? Brave lady.

Lady applying full make-up, scratch to finish for the entire hour and a half duration of the train journey. Before hand she was applying nail varnish. Man already sat next to her irate and signaling hatred for the women across to me. She was a Polish lady. Just saying.

+ Lady on the tube applying make-up. Eye brow pencil and Lip liner. Its hot humid weather, the line she has colored in, blur and merge into her prune face and business frown wrinkles. Look out for that ginger colored caterpillar eyebrowed lady. Perks up a miserable tube ride.

People of a dumbass and a retarded nature.

Smelly Indian man who insists on intoxicating you and neighbouring people with his stench of BO in the morning. Where have you been for fucks sake, its the beginning of the day how is that possible?

Who eats pickled onion crisps in the morning. God think of the acid erosion damage it is doing to your teeth in the morning. Then to have that sour tinge cling to me throughout the day.


mere observations throughout the weeks.

Just saying.

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