Thursday, 1 July 2010

dj's are not rockstars

a big massive fucking hell

ever since i've moved to London

i feel like i am sharing the city with the ex-boyfriend

he has covered every corner nook and crevice of the city

of course

he's a fucking dj on the sideline

albeit one of them crap ones that play peoples music and waves their hands in the air like they digitally mastered the tune

or even wrongly, downloaded remixes from and pretending to be god-like at a touch of 'press play' kind of dj

so anyway i find this gem of a venue

a real arty hubbub with non of the cliches of nostalgia but all the rightness of good people, good vibes and good music

(and the bartender knew the difference between ginger beer and ginger ale. Good stuff. a real bartender who knows his stuff. very impressive )

So now it seems he has become the dj for this venue


is there no where sacred in London??

i did try my hardest to avoid all the places he dj's and his pretentious hang-outs and this venue was perfect because it had this arty vibe and a bit of a secret find and now like a cat he's pissed all over it

i feel so exasperated

trying to find my feet and find places in London without that intense idiotic pretentious feel where people are on edge over concern of what each other look like

remember, London doesn't dance at all. They all stand and stare like frigid fucks, getting tubby around the waist from lack of movement and grim faces

so anyway yeh

i found my happy place only for it to be taken over by a pretentious hipster ex

just really disappointed

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