Saturday, 27 November 2010

note to self

reference to remember by

Chestnut brownies recipe


Hazelnut prune cake


Pear & Hazelnut cake


little reminder of some things to bake

i am a bit bored of baking banana & blueberry cake

getting tasteless

also the fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley winds me up

it's like every review she makes, she dislikes

I'm glad there seems to be a new stylist styling and working on Morley

but then again it's good Morley gets grumpy with every trend

so when a trend comes around that I despise

I couldn't agree more with her comments

avec here:

"Ignore capes. There, I've said it. Because truly, what's the point? They are silly. Just silly. Either you can't use your arms at all or your arms stick out of holes at an awkward angle so you look as if you are doing a Punch & Judy show. Plus, anyone who would be impressed by the fact you're wearing a cape if a bit of a prat. Yes, superheroes wear capes, but usually they wear them for flying. Can you fly? Quite. Take it off. Now."

I love the word prat

more to the point people who wear capes are prats

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