Saturday, 19 February 2011


i'm not sure if this is excessive

i can cook

but sometimes i just cannot be bothered


i have been infatuated with ramen lately

i'm thinking it's my February mood food

2 cloves of garlic and garnish of grapeseed oil to my ramen

really jazzed up noodles

so what the fuck? food

but yum

silently jealous about the London Fashion Week shenanigans

i think i just need some peace

avoid all the obnoxious fashpack crowd

is it me or do the fashion crowd look so contrived for 2011

this generic code of dressing why thanks to street style blogs

anyway how amaze (LOLZ) did Yasmin Le Bon look down the the runway

you can't beat style and a classic icon

either you've got it or don't

go away all you fashion mongers


oh hello custard tart



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