Tuesday, 13 April 2010

pissed off iii

this really hacks me off

people living off benefits

child benefits, housing benefits,


are you kidding me


what the fuck is that all about

article about a family exploiting the system to claim every type of benefit out there is a fucking outrage that they have the best of luxury living because of this and still want more..


spotted a skanky indian hobo inbreded immigrant on the train

brandishing his numerous techno gadgets for all commuters to see

iphone, blackberry, sony ericsson and headset

what the fuck

what the fuck

because of fucking benefits

they have all these luxury ammenities, things that I haven't even got


because I am a tax payer

making these allowances for these skanks to own these luxuries

while I am struggling to make a comfortable living

I am living on a tight budget

I can't afford to spend

where yesterday I was in doubt of purchasing something as simple as nail varnish gave me doubts about spending sensible

it baffles me why this is

and when it comes down to it
it just isn't fair

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