Saturday, 10 April 2010


at the peak of my healthy days

healthy ways

i use to take 9 vitamins

3 at a time to break it up

Vitamin B12
Vitamin E
Vitamin D
Vitamin ABC
Primrose Oil
Vitamin C
+ edit // and milk thistle

wow plus two more..

this list scares me a lot..

the reason for these specific tablets are for skin, hair, nails, metabolism, skin healing, good for periods and coping with life
( echinacea for when your ill, milk thistle for a boozy night after and B12 to cope with the pace of life.. and i use to take the multivitamin in thought of rounding off coverage..)

I have a weird relationship with them

I use to be repulsed by the idea

and sometimes would believe they are a life saver

I still am not sure if they have benefited me

maybe they have a placebo effect on me to steer me to look after myself

I am now currently only taking 3 vitamins

B6 this time
Zinc + ABC
Primrose Oil

and I just finished the round off Vitamin E bottle..

just realizing all this is scary

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