Thursday, 17 June 2010

suck it in

i want to scream

how are people getting so skinny

everywhere i look


and more bones???

what are they eating or not eating

what drugs are they taking

just how the hell

is everyone achieving skinny heaven

why is it that i succumb to one measly sandwich

and the odd dessert

yea i had that cheeky donut at in the early morning when i couldn't get to sleep

i look in the mirror and i see a whale looking back at me

the crevices in my thighs where the cellulite has resided

thank you very much cellulite, hello

and when i eat more meals in the day my face gets fatter?

i'm no fanatic on blah blah eating disorders blah

a real general wonderment as to what the fuck is going on that i seem to be missing

i'm indulging

and people are secretly gym bunnies i see

i'm just getting fatty McFat

this is not ok

booka shade // in white room

evidently the title runs true to how i'm feeling
but this tune is shit hot




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