Thursday, 17 June 2010



hello chocolate chip muffin

i especially like the taste of the chips on the top

it has this worldly chocolate tasting uniqueness

(what you don't know is that i just paused here for a good 4 minutes finishing the chocolate chip muffin goodness and then an extra 30 seconds picking up the big crumbs. oh what a sight. i am such a tramp)

there should be a launch of that specific baked chocolate chip flavor that comes in a chocolate bar or so

shouldn't there


that one time i was soooo hungry i went directly to Wholefoods

land of the holy grail of baked goodies

and got me one them muffin monsters

no joke

it was the size of my face/head

and super bonus it was healthy

i think it was made of wholewheat and not the starchy white wheat crap


quality muffin goodness memories

oh yeah

i'm so getting fatty fat fat

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