Saturday, 19 June 2010

trying to

i want to start to stop wearing make-up in public

i haven't tried yet

and I'm a bit scared shitless to be frank!

i don't wear much make up anyway

only pencil eyeliner + a tad eye shadow

and then curl my eyelashes as they are black anyway

and i managed to stop wearing mascara 2 years ago after the tedious routine of constantly removing waterproof mascara off every time is a chore and bore

also i wanted to be more careful around the eye area, less wrinkles with all that vigorous wipe action

and also i noticed i was shedding eyelashes every time (wtf)

so to for the sake of it all, no mascara!

anyway more to the keeping it natural

it's the way forward

really want to wean myself off make-up for my huge constant concern that is, coming of age for my 24th birthday

life is such a hard slog

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