Wednesday, 6 July 2011

lump in my throat.


i don't know how i feel about this.

a friend has my dress,
noticeably i knew this would happen,
it has been used for a number a fashion editorials,
i can't help but feel a little angsty,
given that i have not worn the dress yet,
i loaned the dress to her for one shoot,
not aware it is being used for numerous shoots,
in my mind,
the dress being worn by a number of strangers,
the dress is pretty delicate being silk and silk chiffon,
kinda pricey dress too
it is a tiny fit,
meaning i am going to expect the seams to be stretched out,
god forbid, some tearing to the fabric too,

i feel so wrong about this,
i hope she is a true friend and respected my belongings
i just wished you would've asked me or let me know?

i seem to be in a pot of bad luck when it comes to friends lately

sucks to be me huh?

it's just a dress
it's just a dress
it's just a dress
it's just a dress


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