Sunday, 10 July 2011


my womanly feelings are hyper sensitive lately.

i can say i can normally tone down the emotions (jeez, there goes that word)

super erratic lately, up to this moment

I feel angry.

my heart is pounding

i'm actually tremoring


really ticked off.

my focus is insanely out of proportion

nearly every sentence wants to involve a swear word,

but whats the point in that??

i'm late on my period,

it's excruciating

i feel erratic


horrific nightmares

i cried twice today

to myself,

honestly. exactly,


i have no reason

no answers to my woman behaviour

just typically unreasoning with myself

i feel so angry

i just wish my period would come

and drain all this angst and aggression

i'm also having these darting pains in my boob


i hate this time of the month

especially when it's facking late

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