Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I hate to sound like a horoscope

some of my fellow friends can be so demanding it gets really draining at times

a particular friend is the most negative person I have ever come across

in contrary to this blog I admit I will be grumpy at the most

But I have perks in my life life can't get too bad no?

what do you do when you have a friend that is a constant leech, that has no desires to life, admiration or drive to make something out of your life

I know she is lost at the moment, incredibly lost in life as am I.

But suck it up, I'll soldier on and make things happen to change and stop looking for negatives

I know she first befriended me she took to me as safety net to life, taking the same paths and footsteps that I take. No joke, it is and still is incredibly draining as she is seeking for direction and dictation on what to do next in her life. But of course, I look up to people for advice and they can knowingly leave me to it because I'll figure it out.

How do I go about this without seeming like a cold hearted friend and awfully selfish when I need her to find her own path and figure it out and mature in her own way.

I hope she still doesn't rely on eating jacket potatoes with cheese every day

this is a hard post
i don't know what to make of it myself

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