Friday, 22 January 2010

Dancing days

lets look at the present

I got an outing in the making

good times and dancing in the following hours

my deserved incentive i promised myself

got the deadline done & dusted

mind, a new deadline in waiting to cull me

any yo

Dance is mine

Good times on the roll

and my next hurdle is what to wear

I feel so out of the loop

what are all the 'cool' kidz wearing these days

do they even wear clothes?

whats the 'in' thing


don't give a shit

I'll rock this one out

plus the southern kids don't dress to dance

ever been to a rave and see the neon lights bounce off statuesque people

standing solemnly solid

it's shocking

it's like that time the cast of Fame musical came into bar i worked at, looking to go to a rave after

i give more credit to musical drama kids trying to let go and rave than the southerners oh so pretentious that a slightest swagger could knock the dicky bow tie out of place or the faded out girls who had starved themselves two nights running to fit in the sheer american apparel all-in-one dress

so void it makes me barf

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