Tuesday, 12 January 2010


i need to get some order in my life

one sec

lets just change the musik on my itunes

some dodgey funk trance is rolling

gutterpunk // Noisia Ft. Rebecca Riley // Creamfields album

waht?? ehm yuh lets skip that funky beat

Any yo

i was thinking about trying to include those click to play music so that maybe it can give a gist of my current moods.

although sometimes i find them abit tedious and off putting when i see them on a web page

I have quite dynamic moods that go from extremes

bi-polar mood?

feeling erratic at the moment

i've figured if i listen to more faster pumping tunes i work quicker??

albeit i seem to chair dance and raving more, which is distracting me from the objective of doing work

and aghast my new deadline is looming again

never learn never learn

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