Saturday, 1 May 2010



kind of a non descriptive word meaning to describe what i'm feeling

my thoughts are all over the place

and i don't know what to do about them

I really would like a boyfriend

i haven't been trying or to make an effort to attract

which is probably my problem here

and trying to weigh up this one thought that's been droning on my mind for since when

DO NOT to get back with le ex boy

it's just bad taste, no?

having to succomb to this is just..

that expression where you pull a face to say nah.. just no

nuh uh

even if it's easy sex

anyway fashion show on the way, afterparty which i can not say no to and people

more importantly boys


my itunes rolling and this just came on and surprised me

The Jam // A town called malice

holy karma getting me back

this was my theme for my 19yr old days where things were hot and good and relationships were flowing, it was kind of like my 60's era where free loving was in..


really shitting all over 2010

and i just haven't had sex in so long

and it's starting to take the piss to be frank!

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