Saturday, 1 May 2010


woah yeh

more about me trying to beautify myself

the getting fit regime

annihilated me

i wanted to be

and efficient ehm by not paying to those gym corporates rip offs

i took on running jogging sprinting and fast walk

and basically listened to hard core drum n bass to cover the pain my body was screaming

and avoided the weird looks i got from passing cars

alright mate drive on

I ran and ran

and some more

till I was and am now obliterated

my calf muscles and thigh muscles don't work

who knew you had to be sensible to working out

not I

and so i've fucked myself up currently and can't basically walk

here's a thought, i should claim for disability benefits, no?
claim some of that bastard tax I pay!

i kid

just need to toughen the fuck up

even though i can't clamber down stairs as sprightly as i use to

so attractive

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