Saturday, 8 May 2010

make up

so i am sat here with half-a-face on with make up

testing looks to suit my face

i have a standard look of smokey and shadowy eyes

pretty much because it's what i can be bothered with in the lack of time i have in the morning before shooting out of the house

i never wear foundation for day time

i think i look false with it on

also the damage it is doing to my skin as in the risk of getting pimples


anyway there's not much variety i can go for with eye looks

and i'm really searching and on the look out for something uber rad to experiment with

without looking tacky or slutty

also really pissed at how my lips are constantly chapped?

what is this

i have never had it like this before and being constantly lubed up is not doing the trick

i'm thinking it's the weather

but really puzzled as i use to have 'normal' supple lips


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