Monday, 10 May 2010

hair dilema

having a hair identity crisis

i do the bun head hair way back when

ye ye i didn't invent it

nor was it trend provoked

it was 2 years back when I had a tragic hair cut

tragic as in a mullet cut

and all i asked were layers and thinned out!

so anyway the bun hair figured to prove the best solution to my what the fuck haircut

seriously it was so bad

my mum said i looked like a lesbian

and my roommate said why have you asked for that shocking cut..

it was out of my control but hey ho

now the bun hair is major mainstream

i feel like a numpty surrounded by identikit hair styles


need new solution fast

which sucks

i have the worst hair to style

it does nothing

and i have fringed myself which doesn't behave

bad hair times

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