Saturday, 28 November 2009



after the immense reading on love confessions and tales

I miss the fuck buddy, reading the ill-fated attempts of pubescent youth stories.


I'm actually quite content with how my stories go, I know what I want, its this silent understanding, the nod of the head to know it was great sex.

Back when i was 18 it was pure bliss, i don't know what has become of all these tragic love stories that are intense.

A bit of fun and debauchery I'm glad to have enjoyed my latter years in comparison to these too fast so young ones.

Although one thing on my mind, when does the fuck buddy expire?

I've had the one odd clash where I rejected him

(yeh, ive decided to hold on to the good fuck)

But when's a good time and a good fuck good for, if he's not around


//..only with you
waited to see you for soooooooo long!!!!!!
and u wont even see me!

would you rather me see you out of pity eh!!!!

by hook or by crook

what the does thaat mean

//it means i dont care why......
just want you to see me'

why though

//because i always liked u
and want to spend some time with you

aww x

//its true
hey *, i gonna get some sleep
so tired
talk to you tomorrow yeah???

okays, sleep well x

//u too
wish i was with you!
so fucking much

//you just turn me on.....
and i haven't seen you for so long

your fault eh

you in your bed??


*, u rubbish!!

-shit nearly forgot to delete the names then

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