Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Good for the body eating

my secret diet diary i have self consciously adapted to watch what I eat

Pitta + lettuce, Yoghurt
Tangerine, Oat Cakes
Pitta + lettuce + coleslaw + sweetcorn +prawns
Apple x 2, Chocolate Digestives x 2
Strawberry fruit tea
Apple, banana, blueberry yoghurt
brazilian nuts, walnuts

well actually I eat a lot listing this down

a bit fearful but surely got my 5-a-day in?


Another thing today I was too engulfed in coleslaw shopping today

not to notice the fit dreadlock guy breeze through and cut me off

while I was on coleslaw watch

why why why

the coleslaw out of all foods to be looking at

uncool & shamed

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