Sunday, 15 November 2009


i remember on a friday evening about 12am last year in september

I just finished a call to my then lover where he was upset that we'd spent the whole day deciding whether or not he should drive up from London to see me, it would've been 4 hour drive but by the time it was evening it just wasn't worth the exhaustion as he would have to leave the sunday morning.

I think it's funny to think back at the how loved up we were, I really like the beginnings of relationships, they are the best, the rush of it.

Anyway one of the housemates was away at home and the other room mate comes in from work

"what are you doing? get dressed there's a house party tonight. Everyones going. Its going to be huge"

1am we make a mad dash to get dressed and then some people in a car come and pick us up

We get there and theres this massive hubbub of people outside this tall mansion house.

There were like 7 floors and a massive garden

Every single room and area there was a DJ

there so many people it was like a club

there are numerous parties I'd been to over the last couple of years but my memory have seemed to have merged them all in to one.

best times ever

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