Saturday, 28 November 2009


feeling like a manic depressant at the moment

don't know what's become of me

laptop in bed

sending despair text messages to my trusted friends

dim lights

playing sad depressant songs to surge my foul mood

honestly when are things going to pick up?

I don't depend on anyone and always realize this is always down to the individual

it just seems at the moment everything is crashing down, i read my horoscopes as a sub consciously guide and it warned me of this and its fucking harsh.

Reading old messages from old lovers

watching short love films and reading long winded love antidotes

for a start i need to change the song

actually embarrassed to list what pathetic song I'm listing to

but just changed it too a bit more up tempo, preppy ballad?

I Drove all night // Cyndi Lauper

and what is the deal with my back and thigh bones locking and cracking

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