Sunday, 22 November 2009

Item No.

Things that Hack me off II

The 4th ex-Boy we remain friends

I normally don't allow this and delete and no baggage to chug around

He is very inexperienced with lady specimens, immature and lives his life of i'm in the band, hopping back and forth to America, unemployed but always manages to find his feet.

In his childish ways he became attached to me, even though he knew that he is not capable of relationships. It didn't work for us and him not having a clue what he wanted and intimidated by women he stuck around when I was in my depths of relationships with other guys.

Quite obviously, it's not my problem I kept my distance and its not fair to him to think he has a chance and asked him to move on, being friends is not a good idea.

You'd think blanking someone is fair and for their own good. Let him develop his own relationships.

He stuck around like an irritating little flea. Waiting for me break up in my relationships, guilt tripping ideals that as friends we should see each other more and hang out.

Fucking nonsense

I should never give the benefit for the Ex to remain friends, I never gave him hope that we will ever rekindle anything.

I find it vulgar and disgusting how he is constantly still trying.

Its been 3 years already.


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