Saturday, 28 November 2009


just found the post i listed about Paul Kalkbrenner // Square 1

saddens me alot

the post i made about the song was in 2nd August 2009

the song was last played on 8th November 2009

Daul Kim left this place on the 19th November 2009

feelings are hard to define when a subject lies close to the heart, this song captivated me when Daul listed this on her blog and also a video clip, where she assisted DJ at Palais De Tokyo in Paris and she was playing the song Square 1 by Paul Kalkbrenner from the album Berlin Calling. She does the best funky house shuffle to the song and in general she is the best mover and groover that has ever crossed my eyes.

Yes, I am in awe of her, the fascination I had about her is unmeasurable and I am grateful that I have my own sentimental connection of music that she shared that I now closely carry.

It is only now that I've listened to this song, the distance of time to play this song again is painful to say the least, how can someone who I've never met and no acknowledgement of each other just feel so void.

actually i'm not as ready as I thought i was

Rest in peace Daul
Say Hi to James Dean for me
and when the heavy rain wakes me up in the middle night I think maybe thats you sending your blessing telling us all not to worry, it will all fall into place in the end alright.


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