Saturday, 7 November 2009

"He looks cool I want to fuck him"

This girl who got too big for her boots

Try-to-hard Indie cindy.

"omg, I just caught H my roommate and Tom on the Living room floor having sex. I'm so shocked I thought he liked me and to think I actually liked him"

Its okay, Tom has chlamydia, don't touch him. he's done you a favor.

"OMG just walked into the kitchen again and caught them having sex again, I can't believe it, H is such a slut. I cannot believe her. Can't believe she would do this"

What time is it, 6am? Why are you even up? Well you knew Tom sleeps around, he's a proud manwhore what did you expect

"this is disgusting I can hear them at it"

Two years ago this girl began to lust for the cool, to be seen as cool, to be "lets stand over there, those guys look cool and he looks hot" things like that I would blink my eyes wide open and pretend the drunk hearing has taken over and stay put.

This has been really grating on me because she wants to try and get back into my life after I cut her out. From the offset of meeting her, she was already vying for centre of attention and self indulgent brat.

flat party "..I've got something to tell you, I've been sleeping with Alex from next door, I didn't know how to tell you because my boyfriend Will, he'll never speak to me again. Its only because Will doesn't excite me anymore. But it's really difficult because Alex has a really long term girlfriend and still likes her"

She didn't know how to tell me she is a whore. Amusing.

And her repercussions fell onto me as well as I knew Alex's then girlfriend, which then to her thinking bad of me because I was associated as the whores room mate. The whole social circle dynamics fucked.

Alex gets a new girlfriend

"I've caught chlamydia off Charlotte, Alex's new girlfriend. The tramp"

"I don't know how I'm going to tell Will about Alex and the other boy in the band I slept with, it'ul just kill him. No, I'll only tell Will about Alex and pretend nothing happened with the other guy"

Laughable. will you just give up, you've lost your own boyfriend now, the boy you was sneaking around with won't commit himself to you

" I'm going to shower. i'm going to sleep with Alex tonight, he really likes charlotte, Yeh. I'm going to sleep with him tonight."

"Just seen Tom, he looks really fit. He's coming back with me tonight"

"Tom the tramp has given me clamydia"

No morals. No shame. I have no time for her.

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