Wednesday, 16 December 2009

hacked off


I make it pretty obvious whether i am into someone or not

this goes from living with my hot blond housemates for 3 years, make boys feel inferior and not bother and that they could pick boys up like flys to turd that, hey lifes too short and fellas suck at being smooth at the game (doesn't apply to the north, they know what to do)

on my recent night out, you get the hopeless scum of the crowd that think they have the chance

apparently I give off the most not interested, move, don't touch me look very well. so its clear

also my infamous despair look of what are you doing, what is it now yeh

i go for the type not the run of the mill looking guy, a bit aloof and hairy faced out of place guy minding his own business I am human something will take my fancy I'm not entirely repulsed by everything

i'm getting really hacked of at how dumb can guys get when I am not interested. Not stuck up or prissy, i'm dancing means i'm dancing.

No sexy dutty wind

the move i need space for my trippy epileptic rave dance

The hard arse pinching and backing off & retreating into the crowd. screw you. not cool
Haphazardly standing there hoping i will take notice. You bore. cheap raver
Immigrant grinders and hoverers. there should be shooting control at the borders of Dover

sometimes with all arms and legs flaying I should've punched a scum good & hard

no mistake

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