Monday, 14 December 2009


why do people stand on there bed with their shoes still on

especially on the pillow

the pillow that your going to be laying your face on??

there was a time I went a date without knowing it was a date

but basically he liked me more than I realised and kept meeting me & picking me up after work

the deal breaker was his shoes anyway, (actually they were trainers, gasp) because definitely always judge a person by their shoes even girls too for their character

anyway it was like 5am and we were chilling and I was explaining to him this band

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis band would sound good in his car, he drove a dove grey Figaro

So then next thing i know, he swivelled his foot intact with shoes towards my pillow

horror horror wince

I said it
it was desperation and told him to take his shoes off first or I would gag and vomit

he removed his shoes

still proceeded to swivel his foot with socks (vom) on my pillow


i die

can you imagine how i tried to get him to leave at 7am in the morning, after he waited around to pick me up, the drive home for him is really far away too.

Of course I am human and naturally felt bad

but naturally
the feet on the pillow was too much

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