Tuesday, 15 December 2009


ehm still deleting some what the fuck songs on my itunes

all the name for a faster running laptop


ORGASMIC tunes that i hold that i have forgotten about

Rikkalicious // Herve & Kissy Sellout

don't let the naff song itle throw you off

so good

no drugs could possibly make me feel this euphoric

you know when you listen to one song and it jumps you to want to be at a venue 5am getting your groove on seek a fit guy finally from the mass of dick heads that you have been elbowing all night to back off, what the fuck are grinding me for at a rave you wanker, move. Finally you think fuck this shit, hold the fit guy and finally lock lips and the best tune is beating in the background and in that moment you could fuck the pants off him. The strobe lights hitting left right centre making you trip from the immense feeling.

should've got his number
shit happens

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