Sunday, 13 December 2009


my life revolves around slimming down my thighs


i have only just recovered the last 36 hours of the events with a massive coma nap

so start 8am wakeup to begin my shop around

my purse or should i say my card got absolutely abused hard

shopped hard spent hard i cant emphasize this enough!

and then to the sample sale at the end of the day which i grimaced the thought of buying more

more pain to the credit card

but the collection was beautiful and one of them 'its a one-off, no one else will have it, i'm getting this for a bargain price, the jealousy of people wondering where can they buy it' therefore good reasons to buy it!

mine mine mine plus i don't have to lose sleep over it

after the intense shopping i met up with my friend and headed to see The Chemical Brothers dj

Raved hard

and i mean cardio-military style raving till 6am

my knees are all creaking and sore from that night, for chemical brothers its oh so worth it

i met someone, lets call him Hugo nothing serious but happy

and some twated girl tried to steal my belongings including my bag, she got very flustered when i told her to hand it back over.

not clever just retarded

the music was euphoric really need to track what they played

immense immense immense

i think i have withdrawal symptoms

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