Friday, 4 December 2009

i discovered something that changed my perspective

i am surprised that passing people that have come into my life to know they take medication for their mind threshold and complexities.

as in they are mentally retarded a word people cannot gage with the deformities and cannot control the realities in life and use chemicals to hold them in place. Its strange that, when you think about this in depth.

sometimes i wonder how does my thinking develop, although I have serious skeptic thinking series where it divulges into the anomaly where it becomes so unexplainable I feel that it runs parallel to the trippy disfunctional memories that traps me immediately and i see this in some people and connect with them on a paranormal level.

to be be honest, in black and white i think i'm fucking mental after reading this back as would you all, but when you voice this out, its crazy to read what the mind thinks.

a load of bullshit.

back to reality.

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