Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Go to the record store

i believe a beautiful life begins in a beautiful breakfast

[ this is great! as i write the opening words 'i believe'
oh hello Simian Mobile Disco 'i believe'
its been such a long time
although i pondered around thinking it was a Hot Chip track
silly memory
silly me ]

I had an ugly breakfast today

this makes me sad

i did begin with a bowl full of strawberries

sweet and delightful

didn't hesitate to finish them off

thought this was going well

then BAM

i decide for a Korean ramen breakfast

something mailable

something soupy

something spicey

enter silly me

i broke an egg in

I have seen the korean's do this with their ramens

looks' a good eating they say

not so good for me

i didn't let the egg cook through enough

made my noodle soup look a complete mess

complete noodle abombmination

not even the sprightly yellow sweetcorn & spring green onions could save the image i was about to eat

what a let down

a sad breakfast leads to shit start

although the chilli sauce made it very palatable

also what the fuck it that Daft Punk album Tron all about
what a load of tosh
I had to delete the album
So bad

also what the fuck 3D films?
a complete eye fucking
the kind of feeling like you just snorted water through your nostrils

when did normal terrestrial become so passe

listening to Simian Mobile Disco

are my simple times

also had a rerun through my Smiths playlist

let this help restore the imbalance of wrath of my ugly breakfast

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