Friday, 27 May 2011

very Fortunate


almost got a massive karma kicking

i did a freelancing job and have been waiting around for payment

i started to get concerns as I did the job,
sent the work off,
haven't heard back for ages,
thought I got mugged off,
i hate being played a fool,
panicked about not putting copyrights blah blah mah
considered writing an email with the hell wrath of my fury
rationalised for a second
gave it more time
gave up hope
considered it my loss


whats up morning glory!

got the email that the payment has been made!

and this is when i am glad

I have some kind of patience

Really thank god

I didn't send a Hell on Earth Wrath of Fury of an email

I feel that wave of silliness overcoming

ooh shit

by the skin of my teeth

heebie jeebies

feeling lighter around my shoulders now

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