Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I'm so fascinated by twins

like vegetarians

they are amongst my life a lot

kind of like mixed race chinese people too

I am neither of these people

I always wanted this

believing it makes me somewhat special


I was born ambidextrous

[ yawn ]

which leads me to question is this why my brain feels

awkward and skewed

yeh i get to use cutlery back-to-front
yeh it's great to use scissors either hands eloquently
yeh i would write my name backwards as a child

not so fascinating

however twins!

so much more appeal

yeh, it's no big deal

-my twin friend

i remark

I am actually a Leftie
my parents taunted my childhood
swopping me to a Right

i feel like i'm living a lie

what a hoax

a fraudulent

and it is said Leftie's are far more intellects than Rights'

i am a Leftie at heart

but probably the dumbest Leftie around

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