Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Memo for Wednesday

routine is becoming important to me

i never use to get it

pretty stubborn

making it up as i go along

i think i was kidding myself thinking it works

once i have been implementing a basic routine

my life seems to be the right side up

and not back to front and upside down

i awake at 4am (a little too early, but i was hungry for breakfast)

I craved noodles, which has been this constant craving that won't go away

well, seeing as the Koreans have noodles for breakfast, why not

plus carbs are friendly fuel

"High Carbs, Low fat"

is my new acceptance

I don't want to suppress myself anymore

I want to be happy,

I want my life back

Just looked at the clock


should I go for a run?

I have managed to an early wake, a hearty breakfast & laundry washing..

it's the greatest effort of all,

running is no mean feat,

it's leaving the front door is my huge stint

oh and i must go to the pharmacy today,

i need to stop putting things off

but maybe be kinder to myself

in some order

destress myself

be happyier

stay focused

be positive

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