Sunday, 22 May 2011

this is england

Growing up

i found (still do) skinheads some the most malicious characters in cultural society
i find it odd when people seem to glamorize this cult

classically fighting bare knuckles

headbutts as fists

spit to pavement signals the end to the fight

just memories leave my heart palpitating


Check the guy in the front middle

he is a complete spitting image of one of the boys from my school

in all honesty

he was a looker

but fuck

he was scary as shit

as fast as a whippet

able to jump over a high wall when the headteacher Mr Joice [joicey] tried to collar him


i wonder


a southern brand didn't really catch on trend in the north

it makes me wonder

are punks friendlier?

would they have filtered the trend up north

to maybe add some sort of diversity in the localised skinheads of my era?

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