Friday, 24 June 2011

et moi

"The fundamental human problem is that people are afraid of change."
Rei Kawakubo

colliding with a lot of thoughts and all

getting so heady lately

the opposite of change would be, same?


reverse change of topic.

my brother is the biggest wanker
ever come across

'so i'm avoiding carbs, and that includes fruit as carbs, but i'm so hungry i guess i will eat that danish pastry'

so i have heard nothing for 4 years about his diet
it has been the most tiresome bullshit
he would rather eat Fat than Carbs, meaning junk food to fruit and veg
he has the most fucked up ideals
i'm sick of hearing,
'does it look like i've slimmed down yet'
every second of the day
of course, he is still large, big, fat.
he switches up his diet EVERYDAY
high protein this, cottage cheese & quark, only peanut butter a day, protein shakes, creatine that, 10 eggs breakfast, tuna mayonnaise snack and Mcdonalds on the side.
meanwhile i have watched his hair disintegrate, his skin look ravaged and a dull complexion, implicated digestion problems the list is endless all for what?
has he lost weight and toned down?
For 4 years running, nothing has changed

what can i do?
i have said what can i say to make him listen, i am at my utmost wits end.

his stubborn and uneducated ways,

go your own way
at your own peril.

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