Thursday, 30 June 2011

make cup

had a little experiment with my ol' make-up

i felt so apprehensive whether i could remember how to draw it on

i haven't worn make-up for roughly 10 months

i'd hate it if my face needed make-up or that the face looked too made-up

if i keep a balance somewhere in between.

from looking at the make-up assortment looking pretty safe at the mo

i want to update with:

coral or peach matte powders/shadow
midnight blue eyeliner/shadow
gray eyeliner?

also abit pissed off that my mac black pot liner has dried up


i barely even used it.

also wondering whether i should repay a visit to nail varnish

having a huge break up with nail varnish after my nails became brittle and weak


not sure if it is worth it



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