Monday, 13 June 2011



i sometimes crave fashion

and then the opposite ends

Despise fashion

with a capital D

i went through bereavement through Fashion Week

a little on contrary of Funeral Week for me

this destroyed me.

i sent a super spaced out message to all the people that were trying to get in touch with
as I went A.W.O.L and did not want to be found

I said this freaky shit from the top of my head and from the bottom of my heart beated out_

i don't know who i am anymore

pretty deep.

at the time

i'm better now

but it's clear that my fashion has changed it's meaning to me

it feels fabricated

a bit like arson

up in flames

my wardrobe, aplomb with patterns, colours, cuts
several new items unworn
feminine, youthful, eclectic, vintage blah
a few designer pieces by hussein chalayan

i feel this guilt

all my clothes are stacked there lifeless

i can't relate to any of this

and yet i feel this draw to fashion

some days feeling the urge to scour online for clothes i may want

searching for something to resonate with me

i hope i can make sense of all this

if i voice this

i can trace my journey

find some clarity to all this


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