Saturday, 18 June 2011

a Saturday afternoon

the weather has been awful

i have been wanting to go for a run around the fields in the morning, while the sun is peeping in the horizon it really is a sight to soak in, maybe i'll take a picture sometime

also while warming up [ limbering up for the jog to avoid silleh injuries ]

i like to wave to the concordes that rip across the sky

who gives a fuck if people in their houses see me

at 4am everybody are in a submissive sleep mode

it is only until 6am until i start smelling the frying of sausages

kinda off putting.

i like running

it puts me in this realm of feeling the space around you

while i don't take running in the direction of losing weight anymore

it was a stupid mistake to ever punish myself that almost left me worse off

i try and take running to mediate and ground myself

y'know with this weather

i kinda like the heavy raining

the sun always shines after


lost my train of thoughts after returning from dinner

which i spoiled from eating pringles before

stupid shit..

anyway this I am really into this song at the moment

Danny Bryd // Moonwalker

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