Wednesday, 15 June 2011


i need a plan

some direction

i don't have any goals anymore

i can't believe that I'd forgotten my plan to travel

it was an ambitious travel plan, in order:

Taiwan (maybe)
Australia (maybe) (so close to going in the April just gone, sigh)

and now in my head there are plans of saving up a mortgage for a house..

all my plans have folded

oh and that plan to make it in the industry

dropped like a hotcake

i hate this loser attitude of mine.

i can't stop pausing for a thought.

one thing that plays on my mind

i know

I want to make it to Greece

a promise i made to a friend

Greece is recorded as the happiest place in the world

i can't believe I didn't get the spelling, happiest right first time round

i just want to find happiness

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i really agree with this poem... great poem/post!