Monday, 13 June 2011


it's taken a lot of strides to get confidence

i had a small glimpse of confidence a couple of years ago

only a glimmer

is it so bad that this feeling plays so hard on my heart

which makes it feel so


for a better sense of self acceptance?_

i have no confidence

i build on it daily

if it's not my own bullying to knock me down

it's others

i am different to others

i'm fine with that

without fail

i will attract unwanted attention from strangers/randomers everytime in public

without fail

whether its sexist remarks or the old favourite, racism

it actually makes me angry

i don't back down and shy away into the distance as fast as i did in the younger years at 16

i am more furious now

i suppose i have begun to hold myself better

and now my temper makes me more brave

to tell em to fuck off

and if i have managed to make that individual realise his point of ignorance

for my ill mannered actions

then so be it

because when a new day comes around

my tomorrow begins with sexism and/or racism everyday

and i can face one less prick in society

it's a start to something

the bastards.

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