Monday, 3 August 2009


I saw a bastard man shouting at his wife publicly on the platform

I minded my own business after feeling pretty good about myself because I bought 2 packs of these specific biscuits my dad liked to eat.

He was humiliating her almost like vengeance and the women stood 2 feet in front of him with her back to him, standing her ground. The man created this tension for all the other people on the platform to see and feel. Idiot. The women was so repulsed by him, from whatever snipes he verbally threw at her and she was so worked up with angst she didn't give him the satisfaction of showing her face to him.

The lady took the suitcase to her side and the man snatched back the handle, yanking back the suitcase taunting her, such a yob.

They got on the tube and he chose to get onto the other end of the carriage and peer at her and taunt her. I feel for the lady, she stood her ground and held her angst and feelings together

What a vile vile man. Repulsive and vile.

I hope i never meet a man like that

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